Shake It Weightloss Programme

The Shake It Weight Loss programme is an easy to follow, scientifically advanced, fat loss programme that has been proven to be both safe and effective. This Practitioner Only program is based on a carbohydrate controlled diet that incorporates good levels of dietary protein, appropriate levels of healthy fats and moderate exercise to support rapid and lasting fat loss. 

The Shake It programme encourages the body to utilise fat as the primary source of fuel by restricting dietary carbohydrates and therefore glucose availability, resulting in fat loss while preserving muscle mass.  The programme is designed to be implemented in a clinical setting to allow ongoing Practitioner support and supervision. 

Another feature of the Shake It programme is the inclusion of detoxification support. As weight is lost, toxins are released from the tissue, which can impair metabolic rate due to detrimental effects on the mitochondria and thyroid function. This can explain why some people experience plateaus in weight loss, poor compliance due to fatigue, or rebound weight gain. Following this program provides a prime clinical opportunity to mop up toxins as they are being released from fat storage and clear them from the body before they become sequestered once again.  

It works!