Heavy Metal Testing

Exposure to metals may occur through the diet, from medications, from the environment, or in the course of work or play. Where heavy metal toxicity is suspected, we will take the time taken to perform a thorough dietary, occupational, and recreational history is time well spent, since identification and removal of the source of exposure is an essential part of the therapy. 

A full dietary and lifestyle history may reveal hidden sources of metal exposure. Metals may be contaminants in dietary supplements, or they may leech into food and drink stores in metal containers like lead decanters. Persons intentionally taking colloidal metals for their purported health benefits may ultimately develop toxicity. 

Our bodies are also exposed to many seemingly innocuous sources of heavy metals such as cookware, fire retardant chemicals on furniture and car seats, plastics, pesticides, beauty products etc.

Acute signs of heavy metal exposure such as vomiting, nausea, sweating, headaches within a few hours of exposure, are easier to diagnose than the long term buildup of exposure to small amounts of heavy metals.  These symptoms are much more subtle as they are common ailments:

  • Fatigue

  • Digestive distress, and reduced ability to properly assimilate and utilize fats

  • Aching joints

  • Depression

  • Impaired blood sugar regulation

  • Female reproductive problems such as menstrual difficulties, infertility, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, pregnancy-induced hypertension and premature birth

Our in house Multi Metal test is non invasive and quick. It uses a small sample of the patients urine to test for heavy metal contamination. Metals tested for include: mercury, lead, copper, cadmium, cobalt and zinc.

Following a positive heavy metal test, one of our Naturopaths will be able to develop a detoxification program to help to chelate the heavy metals in your system, and our Nutritionist will be able to advise on dietary changes you can make to maximise overall health benefits and help reduce environmental exposure to heavy metals.