Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Hair tissue mineral analysis is an analysed sample of hair that provides information about the patient’s nutritional status, stress levels exposure to toxic metals and how effective their current diet is for their health.  It is performed using a sample of hair and the report shows the amounts of minerals or toxins present in your body for the period of about 3 months’ time.


The proper balance of vitamins and minerals are of major importance to the health and well-being of our bodies.  This does not just affect our physical well-being but our emotional health as well.  While certain minerals are critical to our health at low levels they can be toxic at high levels.  Hair tissue mineral analysis is painless and it gives an overall view of not just what you consume, but how your body utilises what you consume.


An imbalance of minerals in the body can contribute to or aggravate many conditions in the body.  Some of these include diabetes, depression, anemia, arthritis, allergies, skin conditions, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, headaches, digestive problems, cardiovascular disease, hair loss, prostate problems, musculoskeletal disorders, hyperactivity and emotional disorders.  This list is not all inclusive as minerals affect cellular activity which is where nutritional metabolism occurs.  Improper nutrition or improper supplementation of nutrition can exacerbate these and many other conditions.